Friday, January 01, 2016

2015 Goals Wrap Up

Happy New Year!

I didn't do very well on my goals this year.  Here are my results:

Goal - Send out 150 through the mail requests - Result - I only sent out 113 this year.I had 2 failures and I'm still waiting on 18 to come back, for a success rate of 82%.  I still expect to get several of the outstanding requests back over the next few weeks.

Goal - Add 50 cards to my 1963 set.  Result - I came close.  I added 44.

Goal - Add 2 more cards to my 1958 set.  Result - I didn't add any new 1958 Topps this year!

Goal - Add 5 more cards to my 1965 set.  Result - I only added 2.

Goal - Add 10 more cards to my 1972 Topps set.  Result - I exceeded this goal by adding 17 cards to the set.

Goal - Add 2 more signed bobbleheads to my collection.  Result - I'm going to count this as a success.  I sent in a Jim Kaat bobblehead to a Tom Orr signing back in July.  I also had a Mike Pagilarulo signed via an SCN contact last weekend, which I should receive back next week.

Goal - Add 5 more signed magazines to my collection.  Result - I bought a Warren Spahn signed magazine early in the year, but I think that was about it.  I didn't send out any through the mail.

I didn't really do that well this year.  I need to think a bit about my 2016 goals before I post them, but should do that later today or by the end of the weekend at the latest.

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