Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pro Shop "Bargains"

Back in November (see my post here), we stopped by the Twins Pro Shop in Roseville and were disappointed in the high prices of game used bats and Metrodome Banners.

My sons and I stopped by again over the weekend to find that they had cut their prices significantly. They had a game used David Ortiz bat that was used in April 2009 when the Red Sox visited the Twins. When we first saw it, they were asking $400. Ouch. They had marked it down to $100, so my younger son snatched it up.

I also picked up a game used bat belonging to Drew Butera. He's probably the Twins third string catcher now behind Mauer and Morales. At only $25, I couldn't resist.

I also couldn't resist picking up a few of the 2009 Metrodome banners. They were half of what they were asking back in November. I picked up Blackburn, Baker, Span and Buscher. Even though Buscher isn't on the team anymore, I picked it up because it was only $25, and the back of these banners have a nice "Twins Territory" logo with the same Metrodome logo that they had on the baseballs used there last year.

The colors on these banners are a bit different than the 2008 banners so they don't look great next to each other, but I'll probably swap them around depending on who's playing best during the year.

I wonder if they'll have Target Field banners for sale in the Pro Shops next year...

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zaneaxtman said...

wow sweet pick up on the Ortiz Bat!!!