Thursday, February 04, 2010

Luis Aparicio and Don Zimmer

This week I received a few cards that SCN contacts got signed for me.

First, one of my contacts went to the MAB Celebrity show on January 27. He got a couple of Luis Aparicio cards signed for me. I added another 1958 Topps to my set by getting Aparicio on his All Star card. He also signed his 1965 Topps for me. My contact was kind enough to take pictures for me.

Next, another contact went to some awards banquet and got Don Zimmer for me on 1958 and 1965 Topps. I already got Mr. Zimmer on a 1958 Topps through the mail, but there is some speculation that Mr. Zimmer doesn't sign his mail, and perhaps his wife does it for him. Not sure if that's true, but this signature looks quite a bit different from the one I received through the mail.

Zimmer signature in person via SCN contact

Zimmer signature obtained ttm

This weekend I'll start getting some TwinsFest items posted.

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