Saturday, February 13, 2010

My TwinsFest Autographs - Friday Night

I finally got all of my TwinsFest items scanned and photographed. My wife attended Friday night and Sunday. Since she has no interest in autographs, she gets autographs for me. I organize a binder and backpack for her, and put items in there to get signed by whatever players are at the lines she is going through with one of our sons.

Since she attended Friday night with us, I got double the autographs. Unfortunately, since she waited in the Morneau line with my older son, she didn't get many for me that night.

My younger son and I didn't waste any time. We went right to a line with Guerrier, Baker and Crain. I got Guerrier on my team ball, Baker on a 2009 Topps Heritage, and Crain on a 2004 Bowman Heritage.

After that, we got in the line for Mijares, Blackburn and Hardy. As I mentioned before, Hardy was the only one that was there. I had him sign a ball, which got a little smudged.

After Hardy, We went to see Ron Gardenhire and Joe Nathan. I had Ron Gardenhire sign my team ball and Joe Nathan sign a jersey. My photos of jersey's never turn out well. It actually looks much nicer than it looks in the picture.

Finally, we went to a line with Michael Cuddyer and Jon Rauch. I had bought a game used Cuddyer bat on eBay. I have no proof that it was actually used by Cuddyer, but it's his model and engraved, which is what I was really after. He took the time to switch to a gold pen, which I didn't even consider, to match the engraving and signed it very nicely. This might be my favorite item from the whole weekend.

Jon Rauch signed my team ball.

My wife and son also went through the Cuddyer and Rauch line, so my wife had Cuddyer sign a bobblehead for me, and had Jon Rauch sign a 2008 Topps Heritage.

Friday seemed pretty busy and we just had time to get through one line per session. Probably because we didn't split up.

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