Sunday, February 14, 2010

My TwinsFest Autographs - Saturday

On Saturday of TwinsFest, just my older son and I braved the crowds and I targeted mostly the retired players.

There was no one on the first shift I was interested in getting, so I got in line for Rod Carew. John had run to a couple different lines during this wait, which I detailed in my posts about his items. John and I both got Carew to sign a 1970 John Wheeldon print that was a Super Valu giveaway.

Next, we headed over to the Blyleven/Jim Perry line which turned out to be just Blyleven. I had him sign a program from 1973.

After Blyleven, I got in line for Molitor, even though he wasn't signing for another three hours or so. I wanted to be sure to get Molitor, as this was the only time he was signing this year.

During this time, John got Tony Oliva and Jack Morris for me (as well as himself). He got Oliva to sign a Wheeldon print, and Morris signed a ball.

We got through Molitor's line quickly, and we each got a mini helmet signed.

Finally, we had time to get through Joe Nathan's line, where we each got a 2009 All Star game ball signed.

Tomorrow I'll post my remaining TwinsFest items.

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