Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Continuing Johnny's TwinsFest Autographs - Saturday

The Saturday of TwinsFest was a busy day. Johnny's old enough now and has his own cell phone so I feel comfortable splitting up for periods of time. Usually this would be me sitting in a line holding his place, while he runs to other lines.

When we got to the Dome on Saturday, we got our spot in Rod Carew's line, who wasn't signing until the second session. Once we had our spot, Johnny ran down to the Dome floor to go through a line with Pridie, Stelmaszek, Greg Olson and Brian Raabe. His main goal was to get Olson to sign his Sports Illustrated that Gladden had already signed at TwinsFest two years ago.

After that line, he came back and joined me in Rod Carew's line for a while. Towards the end of the first signing period, he ran back down to the floor to go through a line with Kubel, Guerrier and Casilla. He got Casilla and Guerrier on his hat (which I haven't taken pictures of yet) and Kubel on his ticket from the game last April when he hit for the cycle.

Then he hustled back and was going to take some of my items back down to that line, especially the bat I had for Kubel to sign, but there wasn't enough time. We both got through Carew's line and each had him sign a John Wheeldon print. These prints were give-aways at Super Valu in 1970. I have almost the whole set of 12, and Johnny really likes them, so I bought him the Carew portrait for Christmas.

We got through the Carew line pretty quickly, so we had time for Johnny to go through a line with Dan Gladden and Roy Smalley. Johnny had them both sign his 1987 World Series program.

After that, we got in Bert Blyleven's line. Johnny had Bert sign an old picture of him pitching for the Twins. Bert asked if he'd like it made out to someone, and again, John was happy to have it personalized.

Next, we got in line for Paul Molitor, even though he wasn't signing until the 5th and last session, and it was time for the 4th session to start. While waiting in this line, Johnny went through a line with Tony Oliva and Jack Morris twice. Once for him, and once for me, while I held our place in the Molitor line. Johnny had Morris sign a 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings card, which is a set he really likes. He had Oliva sign a bobblehead I had given him for Christmas.

After that, we waited for the Molitor line to begin, and each got Molitor on a mini helmet. After TwinsFest was over, we realized that Johnny doesn't even have Molitor on a ball, so that will be his goal next year. (Observant readers will notice that in the picture, Mr. Molitor is signing the brim of the helmet, yet Johnny's helmet is signed on the side. Johnny had mentioned that he wanted it signed on the side, yet forgot to request that when he handed it to him, so I requested it on mine and traded him afterward.)

Finally, we had time to go through Joe Nathan's line, where we both had Nathan sign a 2009 All-Star Game ball.

Whew. A long day. Lots of running but a lot of waiting in line. Since John and I split up for a lot of the day, I didn't get as many pictures of him and the players as I usually do, but I've included the few that I got here.

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gcrl said...

i missed twinsfest this year and have enjoyed your recap and photos. i will be back next year though!