Saturday, February 20, 2010

Supplies Have Arrived

I needed to replenish some of my supplies after TwinsFest. There aren't many places near me that I can buy things like ball cubes, card holders, and 9-pocket pages, especially at reasonable prices. And shipping is too expensive to buy small quantities online, so I buy in bulk.

I bought a case (10 boxes of 200 each) of Ultra Pro semi-rigid card holders, which is what I store each of my autographed cards in. I ordered these from a seller on, and only had to pay $6.49 shipping for the whole case. Most sellers on eBay are charging about $10 just to ship a single box of 200 holders, on top of $9-$15 for the holders themselves. I paid $11.50 per box, shipped. These holders will last me several years.

I also bought a case of Ultra Pro UV protected ball cubes from a seller on eBay. Ultra Pro also sells non-UV protected cubes, but I have decided that the extra protection is worth the extra dollar or so. A case has 36 ball cubes in it. I paid less than $2 per cube by buying the case.

I also ordered another dozen Rawlings Official Major League baseballs from This was my first order with them and I was happy with it. I paid just over $10 per ball for a dozen. Some collectors use other, less expensive baseballs, but I prefer to only use Rawlings Official Major League Baseballs (romlb).


James said...

I know the feeling! I go in bulk for that sort of thing too - it's the best way to go.

TwinsWin said...

lol can never have to many of those two things