Saturday, February 06, 2010

TwinsFest Items

This morning I scanned in and took pictures of all the stuff my youngest son got signed at TwinsFest. I'll highlight a few of them here.

On Friday night, David and I first went through a line with Matt Guerrier, Jesse Crain and Scott Baker. David got Guerrier and Baker on a team ball, and Crain on a 2009 card.

Scott Baker's autograph on team ball

Scott Baker and David at TwinsFest 2010

Matt Guerrier's autograph on team ball

David and Matt Guerrier at TwinsFest

David and Jesse Crain at TwinsFest

Next, he and I went through J.J. Hardy's line. It was surprisingly short, but he was supposed to be with Blackburn and Mijares, neither of which showed up. David got a ball signed:

David and J.J. Hardy

I'll post the rest of David's autographs later today.

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