Thursday, February 11, 2010

Johnny's TwinsFest Autographs - Sunday

John started Sunday by getting Ron Gardenhire on his cap and Tom Kelly on his 1987 World Series Program.

We really didn't want to miss the line in the third session with Kubel, Young and Hardy, so we got in that line almost right away. While we sat in that line, John ran over and got Denard Span, Jerry White and Scott Ulger on his Twins cap.

He also added to that cap in another line with Scott Baker, Matt Guerrier and Rick Anderson.

Next, the signings in the second session started, so he got Slowey and Liriano on his cap, and Casilla on a 2007 Topps '52 card.

He got in another second-session line where he got Jesse Crain on a 2005 Topps Heritage, Tom Johnson on his cap, and Corey Koskie on a bobblehead.

Finally, we got through the line with Hardy, Young and Kubel. He got Hardy on a ball, Kubel on a ball (which he signed on the side panel), and Young on a bobblehead.

There was one last session, but not one that Johnny wanted to go through, so we looked around the card show a bit, and he bought a Harmon Killebrew stadium giveaway bronze statue.

I haven't even started scanning in my items, but I hope to get it all done over the long weekend coming up. I've also depleted my supply of baseballs and ball cubes, as well as Ultra Pro semi rigid card holders, so I'll have to look for deals to replenish those.

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