Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another TwinsFest Under Our Belts

I'm exhausted now. I've had a nagging head cold for a week and it wasn't pleasant to be sick during TwinsFest. Sitting in line is okay, but carrying my bag up and down the Metrodome stairs has taken its toll on me.

All in all, we did pretty well today. It was less crowded, and we planned well, so we got the players we wanted. As always, when we get home we put all of our autographs on the dining room table and take a picture. We counted a couple times and came up with different answers, but I think we got 90-95 autographs.

My sons each had a red Twins cap that they got several autographs on. My older son ended up with 17 on his. The signatures include current and former players as well as coaches and Gardy.

No Morneau or Mauer again this year for us. Although my older son tried on Friday night, he was unsuccessful. We didn't try again after that.

While we got a lot of autographs, the no-shows were pretty disappointing: Punto, Swarzak, Jim Perry, Killebrew, Blackburn and Mijares. Maybe there were more, I can't remember.

I get to get up at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow to fly out on business, so there's no time to take pictures and scan all of our items. I'll start that process next weekend and post what we got.

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zaneaxtman said...

congrats on the good haul, i should have went my weekend was horrible but glad you did great