Saturday, January 23, 2010

300th Post (and some returns)

This is the 300th post to my blog since starting about 15 months ago. Lately I don't seem to have as much time to post or even send out requests ttm, but hopefully that will change.

I came home this week to find a few requests in my mail box. First, I received my 1961 Topps signed nicely by Jose Valdivielso from the signing put on by

Also, I received my Steve Carlton autographed 2008 Goudey that I sent in care of Game Winner Sports. That makes 29 retired players that I have on that set, including 26 Hall of Famers.

The schedule is out for TwinsFest. So far, nothing too interesting, but it still looks good. They split up the Mauer and Morneau signings so maybe there's a chance to get at least one of them. Jim Perry and Mudcat Grant are also scheduled to appear. We saw Mudcat last year, but haven't seen Mr. Perry before. Today my sons and I are going to organize our binders to match the players in the order of the schedule.

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