Friday, August 28, 2009

Seven Returns Today!

Holy cow, my mailbox was packed today. In fact, the only email I got today was autograph returns and one card I bought on eBay. No junk mail, bills, etc. Nice.

I received the ball back that I sent to Sam Mele as the start to my 1965 Twins ball. However, he wrote a very large "#14" on one of the side panels, so I can't really use this as a team ball. I guess I'll just keep it as-is. I'm not sure if I'll bother starting another one or not.

I got back 11 cards from six players today.

First, Gaylord Perry signed his 2008 Goudey for me. I sent $15 to a place called All Sports USA that handles his autograph requests.

Next, Duane Pillette signed his 1952 Topps. He even put it in a semi-rigid holder for the return shipping, very nice of him. I no longer even consider using these since the White Ford incident where he signed the sleeve instead of the card.

Bob Feller signed a 1951 Bowman. I've been trying to find an affordable and decent condition card for a while and finally got one. I included $10 cash with my request.

Cal McLish signed a 1959 and 1960 Topps. His pen doesn't seem to have been working great, but is still okay.

Ruben Amaro (Sr., not the Phillies Manager) signed three cards for me: a 1959, 1961 and 1968 Topps.

Finally, Steve Boros signed 1959, 1961 and 1987 Topps cards for me.

I've spent a good deal of the evening scanning these in and putting these on my website and recording the successes on SCN.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to the Jack Morris signing in Woodbury. I'll see if I can get through the line twice before heading up to Rainbow Foods to see Casilla.

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