Saturday, August 01, 2009

Brendan Harris Signing

I arrived earlier than I planned for the Brendan Harris signing at the Rainbow Foods store here in Minneapolis. I was 90 minutes early and there were no other fans here. It's now 60 minutes early, and the Palermo's Pizza guy, who is the sponsor of the event, let me know that they'll be setting up a card table at the end of the Dairy Aisle. Brrr.

I got some odd looks as I walked into the grocery store with a baseball bat.

I'm now standing in the light bulb and dog food aisle, which is empty, to try to stay warm and out of people's way. Just standing here with a baseball bat. Nothing to see here, move along...

I hope for Brendan's sake, I'm not the only one that shows up. Usually with 60 minutes before a signing, there are at least 12-15 people in line.

At least I'll get through this line quickly and can have time to get to the Punto signing in St. Paul.

Oh, three people just came up and are standing in back of me. I guess I'm first in line.

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