Sunday, August 02, 2009

Red Wings Pull It Off

The Red Wings came back and tied it up. Then Steve Tolleson, who I think had a homer to score the first run of the game, hit a single to right field to score the winning run in the bottom of the ninth. A very exciting game. The weather was perfect. I can't wait to watch the Twins play outside.

Brian Buscher was put in to pinch hit in the ninth and got a walk. I didn't realize he was back at triple A.

I was most impressed with Jose Morales. He hit well tonight and is a good catcher. As a pinch hitter, I can see him being very valuable to the Twins, perhaps as a backup to Mauer when Redmond's time with the Twins is over.


Protector of Vintage said...

Get any autographs?

Droidtrader said...

Nope, didn't try to get any autographs.