Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Full Mailbox Waiting For Me

I arrived home from my trip to find several packages waiting for me.

First, Carlton Fisk was kind enough to sign another 2008 Goudey for me, which I included along with the creased one I got back from him last time.

Next, I received a 1951 Eddie Stewart that I bought on eBay. It was very reasonably priced so I'm happy to have it.

Finally, I got back several items I sent in to a Bill Mazeroski signing that was promoted on SCN. I had him sign a 2008 Goudey, a 1965 Topps and a 16x20 picture of him hitting his famous home run to win game 7 of the 1960 World Series. I originally purchased the picture from Steiner, already signed by Johnny Blanchard.

Speaking of the 1960 World Series, I have a baseball signed by 16 members of the winning Pirates team from that year, including Mr. Mazeroski. I sent that ball one-by-one to members of that team, beginning in November of 2003 (Bob Skinner), finally getting Maz on it in October of 2006.

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