Saturday, August 01, 2009

Punto and Harris

Well, I made it through the Punto line but didn't bother trying to go through a second time. The line was still pretty long with just 15 minutes left and they were tying to hurry things up. Some guy from the Twins was trying to explain to me that Gardy doesn't like the guys to be late on game days. People were trying to have Punto pose for pictures which was holding up the line. I think he noticed I was holding a camera and thought maybe I was going to slow things down.

I did take pictures, but just of them signing. Notice the coolers in back of Harris. Hopefully he warms up before game time tonight. We'll see if either of these guys play tonight. Newly acquired Orlando Cabrera will probably start at shortstop. Casilla will probalby start at second, although Punto has been hitting pretty well lately.

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