Sunday, February 01, 2009

Catching Up on TTM Returns

I seem to be falling behind a bit and posting my through the mail returns the day after I get them. Yesterday I received a return from Jerry Walker, who signed his 1958 and 1961 Topps for my collection.

I did a little more work in the basement, moving an old library table from upstairs down to my office area as one desk wasn't enough room for both of my computers. I think the layout of the basement is solidifying and I am feeling more confident that I can start hanging pictures on the wall without fear that I'll have to move them. The first to go up will be my Hank Aaron signed picture of his 715th homerun.

I also added David's 2009 Twins team ball that he started at TwinsFest to his web site. It's no easy taks scanning in the 8 signatures and trying to link each autograph to a picture of the player signing it. I've added pictures here of Ron Gardenhire's signature and him signing.

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