Friday, February 06, 2009

TwinsFest - Harmon Killebrew

I have posted a few things already that Harmon Killebrew signed for us at TwinsFest, including my 2008 Goudey. In all, we got five autographs from Mr. Killebrew. Johnny got a mini helmet, Sport Magazine and 1955 Topps signed. I also got a 1955 Topps signed, as well as the 2008 Goudey.

When all four of us were in line, David had him sign my 1955 Topps, and I had him sign Johnny's mini helmet. When David handed him my rookie card, Mr. Killebrew asked David if he knew what it was. David shrugged his shoulders so he told him it was his 1955 rookie card. He then asked David if it was his Dad's. Busted.

I've posted some pictures of the signed items here as well as a few pictures of Mr. Killebrew signing.

Bad news for the basement. The small water line that goes to the drinking water and ice machine in our fridge started leaking and damaged the drywall ceiling above my desk. The plumber came and shut off the water leading to the fridge and will replace that line next week. The ceiling looks pretty bad. They may have to cut holes in it to replace the line too.

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