Friday, January 24, 2014

TwinsFest 2014 Day One Wrap Up

We got home at about 10:30.  It's about a 45 minute drive home from Target Field.

I didn't have much time to post because my hands were usually full with the items I was getting signed.  I got 6 bobbleheads signed tonight, including Mauer, Hrbek, Willingham, Gardenhire, Gladden and Blyleven.

While most of the lines were pretty long, we did manage to get through three different lines during the last session.  My boys are doing pretty well on their seat backs.  The want to get Mauer on them next so we'll get there early tomorrow and try for him.  Cold and windy tomorrow.  Ugggh.

Our first experience with TwinsFest at Target Field wasn't too bad.  It was very warm inside, and with nowhere to put your coat like at the Metrodome, it was uncomfortable at times.  There is a lot of walking through narrow corridors.  Tomorrow will be worse I'm sure since it's sold out.

The card show on the service level is a disaster.  Poor lighting, narrow hallways and cramped tables.  We just wanted to get out of there.

Most of the things I really wanted to get signed this weekend were completed tonight.  It would be nice to get Mauer on a card tomorrow, and I really want Scott Leius on his 1991 World Series bobblehead, and Greg Olson to signed the Sports Illustrated with Gladden already on it.

Off to bed, morning will come way too fast.

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