Sunday, January 12, 2014

Getting Ready For TwinsFest

The Twins web site has a tentative autograph schedule out.  They've shortened the session times, and added an additional session on both Saturday and Sunday.  That's probably for the best, as last year many of the stations were empty after about the first 30 minutes.

The groupings of people signing are quite different though.  They are mixing the minor leaguers with the major leaguers and coaches and former players.  For example, one session has Josh Willingham, two minor leaguers I've never heard of, and Mudcat Grant.  What an odd mix of players to put together!  It's likely most people won't want all four of those people.

One of the features they list on the web site is "a walking tour of Target Field."  I take that to mean there's a lot of walking between the areas where the events are.

They haven't listed any prices yet.  I'm afraid they'll jack up the prices too.  Also, I don't currently see Paul Molitor on the schedule, which is really odd.

My expectations are very low for TwinsFest this year.  The web site said they expect a sell out, but so far, tickets are still available for all three days.

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