Friday, January 03, 2014

My Last Trip To The Metrodome

Today I drove to the Metrodome to pick up the row of four seats that I purchased.  To my surprise, in order to pick up the seats, I drove right into the Dome and onto the field!

The Albrecht Sign Company, which was responsible for the whole operation, were very organized and very helpful.  They loaded the seats into the back of my son's truck for me, and helped strap them in with the ratchet straps I brought.

I took a few pictures of the Dome while I was there.

The number of seats removed from their spots so far is pretty small.  I would guess a couple thousand, maybe?  I'm not sure how many they'll actually sell, and what they'll do with the remaining seats.

The seats were pretty gross, of course.  My sons helped me carry them in the house (they were heavy!), and I washed them up before leaning them against the wall in the basement, where I plan to display them permanently.  I had to scrape of a few pieces of gum, too.

I'd like to create some type of base that I can use to actually sit in them and move them out into the room for people to sit on, but since the seats bolt at a 90 degree angle to the floor, this could be tricky.


cynicalbuddha said...

Very cool. They look great in your man cave. Can I ask how much they cost?

The Lost Collector said...

That's very cool!

unclemoe said...

That last pic looks awesome!

Droidtrader said...

Thanks for the comments!

The seats are $60 each plus tax, if you don't care which seats you get. If you want to request specific seats, they are $80 each plus tax.

melissa hurst said...

Check out, as they already have stands and rockers ready for the Metrodome.