Sunday, October 25, 2009

Twins Beat The A's 5-4, Kaat Picks Up The Win (5/12/62)

Yesterday I mentioned the program/scorecard I picked up at The Ballpark. I have some pictures of it here today. This was for a game on Saturday, May 12, 1962 (the day before Mother's Day) against the Kansas City Athletics. As always, the ads are good for a laugh and there are nice articles about some of the players.

This particular scorecard is scored. I compared this scorecard to the box score I found on retrosheet here, and it seems pretty accurate. Killebrew struck out once, and was intentionally walked three times! Versalles had a two run homer in the 7th to put the Twins in front.

Lee Stange ran into trouble as the starting pitcher in just the second inning, and Jim Kaat came in to replace him, picking up the win. Kaat also doubled as well has hit a sacrifice fly to score a run.

The retrosheet site is great and has batter-by-batter listings of results. It's fun to look and see what happened during the game in front of 9129 fans (they also list the attendance).

Speaking of Jim Kaat, my son just got a request back from him yesterday by coincidence. John had sent him a card and small donation back in June.

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