Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Day For Returns - Magazines, Bobbleheads and Cards (Oh My!)

The day after holidays seem to be great days for ttm returns. Yesterday was Columbus Day so there was no mail. Today, my mailbox was packed full of autographs!

First, I received my Steve Lombardozzi bobblehead back from an MLAM (Major League Alumni Marketing) signing. Since the head had fallen of the bobblehead, I just mailed them the head. It came back today signed nicely on the brim and I glued it back on to the body. This is my eleventh signed bobblehead from the 1987 Twins set.

I also received two magazines back. Al Kaline signed a 1957 Sport Magazine. I had enclosed $20 with my request.

Don Newcombe signed a 1954 Sport Magazine for his $25 fee.

I also got several cards back. Roy Smalley signed a 1949 Leaf and 1952 Topps.

Paul Brown signed his 1962 and 1964 Topps.

Billy DeMars signed his 1951 Bowman.

Finally, Solly Hemus signed and personalized his 1952 Topps for me.

Several of these returns also inclued additional signed cards, postcards and short notes. I have so much of this "extra" material, that it's overflowing the binder I created for it. I'll have to reorganize it to keep it from getting ruined.

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ksquared said...

great stuff! i love the sport magazines and the '52 topps. i'm tyring to grab some of those but i have a ceiling on how much i'll spend.

im enjoying your blog. keep it up.
"ackerson22" at scn.