Friday, October 16, 2009

Robin Yount (For Free!)

I have sent several items in to MLAM (Major League Alumni Marketing) including the Lombardozzi bobblehead I posted on last time. I sent a few items last Spring that turned out to be a bit of a fiasco.

The Jim Kaat bobblehead I sent came back unsigned, so I had to send it back and wait for another signing to take place (which it did). I also didn't received a 1965 Topps of Tommy John I sent in (I still haven't received it). To make up for the inconvenience, I was offered some free autographs at one of their shows, so I sent in a ball to be signed by Robin Yount. They were charging $75 for Yount to sign a ball, which is less than at most shows, so it was a generous offer.

Today I also received a couple of signed 1953 Topps that I bought on eBay that are PSA/DNA authenticated. Bob Hofman died in 1994 and Rip Repulski died in 1993, both well before I started collecting.

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