Sunday, October 18, 2009

Card Show Finds

I had to drive up north of the Twin Cities today to meet my in-laws who had watched my sons for the weekend. On the way back, my sons and I stopped at a card show at Har Mar Mall. This is one of our favorite shows since there are usually a lot of dealers with a nice mix of vintage stuff, Twins and autographs.

Today there were only a few dealers so at first we were disappointed. However, one dealer had a nice selection of Harmon Killebrew photos, with several of them signed. My older son John is a huge Killebrew fan so he was very interested. This particular dealer's father is a photographer who has photographed Killebrew since the 60's so he has a lot of unique photos, rather than the typical ones you see from photofile, etc.

John picked a signed 16x20 (only $40!) and he and I each bought a black & white, 11x14 unsigned photo. John's picture shows Killebrew with Hank Aaron, and mine is a picture of Killebrew sitting in the dugout alone.

Although the show was pertty small, we were happy with what we found.

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