Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Magazine Return - Bob Feller

The number of requests I have outstanding is shrinking so my returns will be slowing down quite a bit. Today I was happy to see a return from Bob Feller, who signed a 1949 Sport Magazine for me. I enclosed $10 cash with my request.

I have a few outstanding requests to mail-in signings that will be trickling in over the next couple of months, but I don't have a good supply of cards to send out. I'll have to make a list and buy some cards.

I also need to start thinking about TwinsFest (January 29-31). Unfortunately, the 29th is my wife's birthday, so we'll have to be clever in how we position this event ;-) Referring to her as the "Pack Mule" at last year's event (because she carried a backpack full of things to be signed) has left a bad taste in her mouth. I'll need to make sure we have enough cards and pictures to be signed. I have plenty of bats, balls and mini helmets already.

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TwinsWin said...

Ive been reading your BLog for a few months now and i got a few questions for you. 1. Do you have any pics of your collection? and
2. Where do you find out where to send items? been wanting to try this out with my little cousin if you could emai me tips to that be nice thanks