Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Still Waiting For My First Return of 2015

I haven't received any returns yet this year, but I only have a handful out.  I did received an RTS from Dick Simpson, but I corrected the address and sent it out again today.

I was contacted by Scott, a reader of my blog, who has started his own blog.  He has lots of cool autographs on vintage cards and has a nice start on the 1953 Topps set.

Check out Scott's blog here.

I received a few items I've ordered to get signed at TwinsFest.  Cards, magazine and a Torii Hunter bobblehead for my son.  I hope it warms up a bit before TwinsFest.  My kids' school is cancelled tomorrow due to the forecast windchills of nearly 40 degrees below 0.


zaneaxtman said...

i think this is the earliest i have been ready for TwinsFest in years, I have received everything i "think" ill need last week. i hear you on the cold part its supposed to be close to -50 windchill here tomorrow, hoping to run into you at TwinsFest this year!

Droidtrader said...

Hi Zane! They just added a few folks to the list: Koskie, Jacque Jones, Mudcat Grant, etc. Nobody new, but nice to see them add a few more people to the list.

I hope to see you there!

zaneaxtman said...

i figured Koskie would be because he owns part of a gym in Minneapolis. so i think he is a resident now of the city. would be nice to see some more of his and jacque's teammates come back now. I guess we do have Hunter there now haha, i bet he will be a big draw so i wonder if he will be with Mauer or will the Twins try and capitalize on him and put him separate, like Mauer. Im also curious to see how they put Molitor.

ive recently started trying to collect all the Twins Topps Cards from 61-Whenever, makes me want to start up a blog again, but sadly im not as dedicated as you are