Monday, January 26, 2015

My Son's 2015 TwinsFest Autographs

John went with me on Friday night only this year, so the number of autographs he got is relatively small.

We got Joe Mauer and Kent Hrbek first, and John had Mauer sign a 2009 All Star Game ball and Hrbek sign a 1987 Topps.

We wanted to get Torii Hunter, but after the Mauer line we decided to get Brian Dozier, but his line was already really long, so we decided to skip it and get in the Hunter line.  It's a good think we did because the Hunter line got really long.  

Prior to the Hunter signing, Ervin Santana was signing and the line was really short, so John ran through that one.  John didn't ask him to sign the ball on the sweet spot, and he ended up signing the side panel.  In addition to Santana, the line had Jordan Schafer, B.J. Hermsen and Max Murphy. Corey Koskie was supposed to be there too but wasn't.  For those players that we didn't have anything for them to sign, we used a picture of Target Field.

We got through the Hunter line with no problem, and John had him sign his Gold Glove bobblehead.

Also in Hunter's line was Jacque Jones and Michael Tonkin.  Roy Smalley was scheduled, but didn't show.

After Hunter's line, we went to one more with Kennys Vargas, Kohl Stewart, J.R. Graham, Butch Davis and JT Bruett.

That's it for John's autographs this year.  Not too many, but we were happy to see Torii Hunter again.

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