Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Still No Returns, But Some Purchases Arrived

Today I received some signed cards I bought on Ebay from Chris Potter Sports.  Most of these cards are either from tough signers, signers that charge and it was cheaper to buy these than send through the mail, or signatures on cards that are expensive (like the Bobby Shantz 1963 Topps High Number).

These cards are all from the sets I'm working on.


Paul Hadsall said...

Nice additions to your collection

zaneaxtman said...

do you have pictures of your signed card collection or a spreadsheet of the cards that you have and still need? how do you keep track of them? im finding trying to keep my Twins Topps cards in order is hard enough but your dealing with different sets and i cant imagine how difficult it is.

Droidtrader said...


I use the "My Wantlist" feature at It's awesome! It lists all the cards in the set, along with the TTM info on each player, and lets you check off the ones you have. I use it when I'm buying cards to send out, and to track which ones I have.

That in itself is worth way more than the $15 annual fee!

zaneaxtman said...

cool, i dont spend as much time on the site as i should i pick up a few signed cards here and there but dont send out as many as i used to