Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 TwinsFest Wrap Up

Other than some Target Field pictures that I use for players and coaches to sign that I don't have anything else, I got a few balls signed.  I got a Carew and Molitor ball that I gave to a family member, and I had Byron Buxton sign one as well.

I think this year went a little better than last year.  The elevator situation is still a little frustrating. It's the only way to move around, and not all elevators got to all floors, so I often found myself trying to find an elevator that went where I wanted to go.  I think I got it all figured out by Sunday.

I saw fellow collectors Steve, Randy and Zane, and they all looked like they were doing well and getting plenty of autographs.

I still need to come up with my collecting goals for 2015.  I think I'll post those tomorrow.

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