Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My TwinsFest Bobbleheads

There were only two things I wanted to get signed at TwinsFest that I didn't get done.  One was a mini helmet for Torii Hunter, and the other was the Tom Brunansky bobblehead.

I had good luck with other bobbleheads though.

On Friday evening, the first line I went through was Joe Mauer, who signed this bobblehead already signed by Justin Morneau through a FanHQ event.

Also on Friday, I was able to have Torii Hunter sign his Gold Glove Award bobblehead.

On Saturday, I was able to have Glen Perkins sign his bobblehead.

On Sunday, I made sure to see Hunter again to sign his 2003 stadium giveaway bobblehead.

Also on Sunday, I had Brian Dozier sign his season ticket holder bobblehead.  This one's a bit odd, as it's smaller than the others.

Lugging these around TwinsFest is a bit of a hassle, especially ones that have a bigger box, like the Mauer/Morneau and the Dozier bobbleheads. My son helped me carry a few on Friday by letting me put a couple in his backpack.

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