Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pictures From Today's Convention

Here are a few pictures from today's convention. We first went through a line for Steve Carlton.  His line went a little slow.  The convention sells tickets with numbers on them, and you get called up in groups of 10 according to the number on your ticket. We were numbers 58 and 59 for Carlton.

Carlton started signing a little after 11:00.  We were done about 11:45.  Then we had  a little lunch and ran out to find a cash machine which took a little time.  Jim Rice started signing at 1:00, and when we got back at a little after one, he was already taking ticket numbers 40-50.  Johnny's number was in the 60's and got through the line quickly.  We were probably done at about 1:20.


Tomorrow we have tickets for Andre Dawson, Tom Brunansky, Gary Gaetti and Danny Valencia.

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