Sunday, December 19, 2010

Convention Wrap Up

I just got all our items from the day scanned in.  We started the day going through Danny Valencia's line.  Johnny got a bat signed, and I got a bat signed for David as well as a picture for me.

Next, we got through Andre Dawson line.  Johnny got a ball signed and I got a ball signed for a friend.

Finally, I got both Tom Brunansky and Gary Gaetti to sign their bobbleheads from the 1987 World Series set.


I also bought a PSA/DNA authenticated Jim Palmer 1972 Topps for $12.

We had fun at the show and it is well organized.  Other guests included Irv Cross, Carl Lee, Denny McLain, Al Worthington and a few others.  They are going to have another show in the spring with Carlton Fisk and Joe Montana.

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Fuji said...

Those two autographed bobbleheads are cool! I love the idea of having them autographed.