Saturday, December 11, 2010

August 7th, 1962 - Yankees 14, Twins 1

I recently bought a few old Twins baseball programs on Ebay.  They are all away games for the Twins.

The first one is from Yankee Stadium in 1962.  The original purchaser kept score in it so I was able to figure out which game it was for based on the box scores over at

Unfortunately, the Yankees routed the Twins, 14 to 1.  Killebrew went 0-4, but Versalles went 3-3 for the Twins.  Tom Tresh went 3-5 for the Yankees, with 2  home runs and three RBI.  Maris and Mantle played.  They didn't get any hits, but had three walks between them.  Maris scored twice and Mantle scored once.  Camilo Pascual gave up 6 runs in just 2 innings.  Ouch.  Ralph Terry picked up his 16th win for the Yankees.

This program is pretty beat up and has some water stains.  But for only $5.95, it's fun to look through.

Here's the view out my window today.  I'm guessing the mail isn't going to make it.

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Anonymous said...

I love checking out old scorecards when people actually used them.