Sunday, December 12, 2010

July 25th, 1964 - White Sox 6, Twins 5 in 13 innings

The second vintage program I bought on Ebay was for a game at Comiskey Park in Chicago on July 25th, 1964.  Again, the Twins lost, but this was a more exciting game than the Yankees program I wrote about yesterday.

This game went to 13 innings.  Since the program was scored by its purchaser, I was able to track down which game this was.  According to, Killebrew went 2-5 with an RBI, a walk, and a strikeout.  He also committed an error in left field.  Versalles hit his 11th home run of the year off Hoyt Wilhelm in the 12th inning.  Oliva was caught stealing.  The Twins used nine pitchers!

For the White Sox, Ron Hansen hit his 10th home run of the year off of Jim Perry in the 9th inning.  The White Sox used five pitchers.

This program is in much better shape than the Yankees program.  The binding is still tight, there is only one very small crease on the front cover, and the color has not faded much.  It was a couple of dollars more than the Yankees program too, but at just $7.95, I think it was a good pick up.

I was right, no mail yesterday due to the snowstorm/blizzard.  I'm supposed to be on a plane right now headed to New York, but my flight was canceled and rescheduled until tomorrow.  Too bad I had to drive to the airport and go through security before it was canceled.

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