Saturday, September 11, 2010

Catching Up On Returns and My Wife's "Birthday"

I've received a few requests the last few days but haven't had time to post about them.

Wes Parker signed his 1965 Topps very lightly in ballpoint.  It's very difficult to even see the signature.  According to people's comments on, his light signature is typical of his returns.  I sent this card in care of the Dodgers.

Yesterday I received a couple of 1954 Topps.  Charlie Silvera signed his:

And Don Lund signed his.  Mr. Lund also wrote a response on my letter regarding his career after his playing days.

 Today I received a 1987 Topps Traded signed by Jeff Reardon. Last weekend the Twin celebrated the "50 Greatest Twins" and Reardon was one of them.  He appeared with Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven during the broadcast during one of the games too.  I haven't seen him at TwinsFest yet, which it too bad.  I need him to sign his bobblehead from the 1987 set.

Today we are also celebrating my wife's birthday.  We really surprised her, because her birthday is January 29th.  Unfortunately (for her), that is also TwinsFest time.  So to make up for that, my sons and I surprised her with breakfast in bed, a few small gifts, decorations and a dinner out tonight.

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