Friday, June 26, 2009

My Craigslist Deal Worked Out Great - Twins Bobbleheads

The Craigslist deal I had set up fro the lunch hour today worked out great. I bought three bobbleheads. Two from 2000, including Oliva and Puckett, and Carew, which was given out in 2001.

The bobbleheads from 2000 really started the bobblehead craze across the county. Here's a short article about them.

Killebrew was the first, and still sells for over $100. I was unable to find any completed auctions on eBay for these three to get an idea of the actual value, but there are several listed at "Buy It Now" prices for single bobbleheads close to what I paid for all three. Considering I didn' have to pay shipping, I think I came out okay.

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