Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Finished Multi-Signed Card and Finally, Jim Kaat

Yesterday I received a return from Dick Stigman, which completes my 1962 Topps Tribe Hill Trio card including Barry Latman and Jim Perry. The card got pretty scuffed during the trip to Perry and back, but it still looks okay. My older son has this card and is thinking about starting it. Anyone else thinking about it should send to Latman first, as he is the toughest of the three to get. Stigman and Perry are excellent signers through the mail.

I also FINALLY got back my Jim Kaat bobblehead from the MLBPAA signing that was supposed to take place in March. I received it back, but it was unsigned, so I had to send it in again for another event last weekend. I am still missing my 1965 Topps Tommy John card from that event. I'm not sure what will happen with that. I have had pretty decent luck with these signings in the past, even though return times were slow. After this fiasco, I'll have to carefully consider whether or not to send another item to their events.

This completes my 1965 Twins bobblehead set as I now have Kaat, Killebrew, Oliva, Quilici, Grant, Perry and Pascual. The set has a total of ten, but three of the players are no longer with us including Battey, Allison and Versalles.


Tom said...

Scuffed up or not that's a nice card. I sent off a '67 Topps for Latman to sign only to have my letter returned. Which address did you use?

Droidtrader said...

Hi Tom,

I sent to a PO Box address in San Diego. If you want the details, email me. (droidtrader @

I don't like posting addresses online, but I'll share it with you via email.