Saturday, June 06, 2009

Joe Mauer Named AL Player of the Month for May

I went to the Twins/Indians game at the Dome on Thursday with some friends from work. It was a good time. Kubel hit two 3-run homers, Span had a homer, and Morneau had an upper deck blast which is by far the farthest I've seen someone hit the ball in person.

During the game, it was announced that Joe Mauer was named the AL Player of the month for May. Not surprising: he hit .414 with 11 home runs and 32 RBI. Joe had only 9 home runs all of last year. His career high was 13 back in 2006. He's added another one in June so far.

Joe was on the ticket I had to Thursday's game. I keep all my ticket stubs. I don't know why. I have the ticket stub to the game where Kubel hit for the cycle earlier this year. Maybe I'll have him sign it.

I have several Mauer autographs in my collection. I have gotten his autograph in person twice (on a baseball and on an 8x10), before he was really popular and before he started racking up the batting championships. Since then, I purchased a signed mini helmet from Iron Clad Authentics. They had a great sale and I bought one for my son for Christmas so I got one for myself as well.

I also tried getting him to sign some cards through the mail back in 2004. He didn't sign my cards, but returned a signed postcard with a note explaining he was too busy to sign all the mail he received.

We were also lucky enough to win a Joe Mauer signed bobblehead from a Hormel drawing at the grocery store a few years ago as well as a few others. I'll post about that tomorrow.

Anyone think Mauer can hit over .400 for the year? I doubt it, but if anyone can, I'd say it would be Joe.

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