Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Baseball...

My two sons played five games each this weekend. My older son's team took second place in their tournament, and my younger son's team lost the second game in their consolation bracket.

At my younger son's game, there was a photographer taking pictures and selling the prints. When my wife and son went to go look at them, they saw a picture of my son in his wind up. The print was about 2 feet tall and a foot wide. It's very cool. I'll have it framed professionally. They also had a few other nice pictures, one of him hitting (which I've pictured here) and a sequence of four pictures of my son bare-handing a grounder and throwing to first. All very nice. I've pictured one of those here as well. I'll try to get a pre-made frame and mat with four horizontal pictures to put those in.

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Nature Writer said...

These pictures are awesome! They stop the ball and bat in mid-motion with amazing clarity.