Friday, April 15, 2011

Sparky Anderson and Jim Hannan

I've received a couple cards the last few days that I haven't posted about yet.

First, I bought a signed 1972 Topps from a fellow member on SCN.  I have several of his autographs already but when I started collecting this set, Mr. Anderson was too ill to sign.  I knew there would be several people on SCN that wold have this card and I had an offer to sell me one within a couple of hours of posted my need.

I also (finally) received back a 1965 Topps signed by Jim Hannan.  Mr. Hannan is a tough signer through the mail so when I saw the Major League Alumni Assocation (MLAM) advertisement of a signing, I sent in my card right away.  The signing was in February, and I just card my card back today.  That's typical of my experience.  I had a REALLY hard time getting a Jim Kaat bobblehead back from them, which I posted about HERE.

But, I've always, eventually, gotten my items back signed, so I continue to use them.  I have just learned I need to be patient.

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