Saturday, April 16, 2011

Joe Mauer Signing Via Ironclad

A while ago my sons and I sent in a few items to Ironclad via an SCN contact for a Joe Mauer signing.  We never have luck getting Mauer at TwinsFest or the Autograph Party so we took this opportunity to get a few things signed without having to stand outside in the freezing cold for 6 hours.

I decided to get his autograph on his first Sports Illustrated cover.  I decided to have him sign in silver on his chest protector, but am thinking maybe I should have gone with the open area to his right.  Oh well, it looks okay, it's just not very noticeable.

My older son got a bobblehead signed.  It turned out really nice.  All our items had mlb and Ironclad authentication stickers put on them.

My younger son decided to get Mauer on his Sports Illustrated from 2009.

These weren't super cheap, but my fellow SCN member got enough pieces to get a cheaper price.  Considering we didn't have to wait in line and were assured to get the autographs, I'd take this route any day.  It wasn't cheap enough that I would get cards signed, but it's nice to get these magazines and bobblehead signed.

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