Monday, April 11, 2011

Progress Update on 2011 Collecting Goals

No returns in today's mail.  So I thought I'd update my progress on my 2011 collecting goals.

  1. Send out 250 requests through the mail - As of today (including the 17 I sent out in today's mail) I have sent out 97 requests this year.  I'm well on my way to reaching my goal of 250, but the summer gets pretty busy so I'll have to be careful to keep it up.
  2. Reach 300 signed 1972 Topps cards - As I've mentioned earlier, this set is turning out to be tougher than I first anticipated. I currently have 212 signed (not including 8 duplicates).  I have about 20-25 out in the mail, and I bought 20 more from Mickey's over the weekend.  I think 300 is still realistic by the end of the year.
  3. Add 5 more signed bobbleheads to my 1987 Twins bobblehead collection.  So far I've added 4: George Frazier, Dan Schatzeder, Keith Atherton and Jeff Reardon.  I'm hopeful I can add at least one more by the end of the year.
  4. Finish the 11 possible John Wheeldon portraits (out of 12) - I recently got back Luis Tiant on his portrait, and received one back signed from Chico Cardenas in February.  I need George Mitterwald, Harmon Killebrew, Ron Perranoski and Rich Reese.  The only one not signing through the mail is Killebrew, who is battling cancer.
I think I've done pretty well on my goals since we're only into April, but I'll have to keep up on my collection as it will be September before I know it!

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