Sunday, April 03, 2011

Autograph Show Day Two Wrap Up

We had another great day at the Minneapolis Sports Collectible and Autograph Convention in Brooklyn Center today.  This time both sons were able to go with me.

First, my older son got a picture signed by Monte Irvin.  Mr. Irvin played in the Negro Leagues, won a World Series with the Giants in 1954 and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1973.  He is 92 years old and looked great.  He was very friendly.

Next, I got a 1987 Twins bobblehead signed by Keith Atherton.  Mr. Atherton said he'd never signed a bobblehead before.

Next, I had Monte Irvin sign a bat for me.  My ticket number was higher than my son's because I bought it yesterday rather than a week ago when I ordered the other tickets.

We had about a 45 minute break until Shannon Stewart signed so we walked around and looked at the vendors for a while.  There was a lot of very nice stuff.  As I mentioned yesterday, I bought a couple more Metrodome banners including Shannon Stewart and Johan Santana.  I was very close to buying a 16x20 signed by both Rod Carew and Harmon Killebrew.  At $80, it seemed like a pretty good deal.  But, I already don't have enough room to display everything I have and this would have just gone in the closet so I decided to hold off.

 All three of us wanted to get Stewart's autograph.  We really liked him when he was with the Twins.  The boys had a cool picture of him in the playoffs (in 2003?) against the Yankees, fighting off a fan to catch a fly ball.

 I had him sign the Metrodome banner I purchased.

We really like the shows they run there.  It's put on by Sports News Productions (  It's very organized and not too crowded.  I'm a little worried about it not being crowded.  I hope it's successful enough that they continue to have it.  I've been able to get four of my 1987 Twins bobbleheads signed at these shows, as well as Hall of Famers such as Jim Rice, Steve Carlton, Andre Dawson and Gary Carter.  Other guests from this and past shows that we didn't get autographs from include Carlton Fisk, Pete Rose and Johnny Bench.


ND said...

Irvin is a treasure to baseball. He should get more credit than he does.

Fuji said...

Autographed bobbleheads are awesome!

Meeting Monte Irvin is even more awesome!