Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ex-Twins In The Play-Offs

No returns in the mail today. So, I'll show an item from someone who's still playing this year. Yet another ex-Twin playing in the post-season on another team: Jason Bartlett. In addition to Matt Garza, we traded Bartlett to the Rays for Delmon Young, who I don't think really panned out as everyone hoped. Anyway, my sons and I have met Jason on several occasions. The first was at a signing at Dick's Sporting Goods in Woodbury, in September of 2005. I got this 8x10 signed.

Speaking of Delmon Young, he was a popular player at TwinsFest last January, having recently signed with the Twins. He was signing at a station with Michael Cuddyer, and my younger son and I stood in line quite a while to get their autographs. David is a big Cuddyer fan, and had him sign a full sized bat, while having Delmon Young sign his Twins mini-bat, that has 16 signatures on it and is now "retired".

Here's a picture of my son and Delmon at TwinsFest:

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