Friday, October 24, 2008

Denny McLain Signing at Bud's Sports Cards

Yesterday I got back a 1968 Sports Illustrated poster I sent to Bud's Sports Cards for a Denny McLain signing. The fee was very reasonable, $20, plus return shipping. This price included one free inscription, and I asked for "31-6, 1968". If you don't remember Denny (and I don't, because I was barely a year old), he was the first 30 game winner since Dizzy Dean in 1934 and helped the Tigers win the World Series in 1968.

When my wife told me that I had a package waiting at the post office to pick up, I couldn't think of what it might be, but then I remembered this signing. I checked the web site to see when the signing was scheduled (, and was surprised to see a picture of him signing my poster on their web site! I asked them for permission to post that picture here, which Frank from Bud's was kind enough to grant. Check out their site for a couple more pictures from this signing, as well as from many previous signings. Mr. McLain was kind enough to add some additional inscriptions, including his Cy Young and MVP awards as well.

I have sent in many items to be signed at Bud's, which is in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It's one of the few mail-in places I use regularly. Their prices are very reasonable, and they often have a separate, lower price for "gum cards". This is great because I often find it hard to justify getting a baseball card signed, when for the same price, I can get a ball or 8x10 picture signed. The Carl Yastrzemski 1965 Topps pictured on my blog was also signed at Bud's last February, and in the spring, I sent in a '65 Topps of Bob Gibson, and a '58 Topps of Stan Musial to be signed. These signings were a week or two apart, so they let me send them both in, and they held on to them until they were both signed, to save on the return shipping cost.

The service has always been excellent, and return shipping is reasonable, especially since they pacakge it well. I had sent my poster in a small poster tube, which they reused, but then put it inside a larger Priority Mail box which I assume they also use for bats.

I check their site regularly for their "monthly specials", as well as for a list of upcoming signings.

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