Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1954 Topps Returns

Only one return in the mail today, and it was a failure. I sent a 1954 Topps to Carl Scheib, forgetting that he asks for a $5 donation. I will send it again tomorrow with $5. I really like the 1954 Topps cards, it's probably my favorite set. The cards are a little larger than today's cards and have a nice portrait of the player, along with a smaller action image in the background.

I have nearly 100 of these signed. Duke Snider is probably my favorite, with Phil Rizzuto coming in a close second. I would really like to get Al Kaline's card from this set signed, but since it's his rookie card, it's really hard to find a decent card that isn't over $100. I looked on eBay tonight, and the lowest current asking price or bid was $39 for a card that was creased and miscut.

There is a reprint set of the whole 1954 Topps set and I already own it, but for some reason I just don't enjoy getting reprint cards signed. I'll keep my eye out for a lower grade Kaline and hopefully some day I'll be able to add it to my collection.

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