Saturday, October 25, 2008

Came Up Empty Handed Today

Today my sons and I headed over to Cedar Cliff Collectibles in Eagan ( We go there occasionally because they have all sorts of stuff we like: comic books, action figures (especially Star Wars), baseball cards, old video games, and you never know what else. Prices are often very reasonable. Today, however, we just didn't find anything we had to have. There were a few older comics at good prices but nothing I decided to buy. There are a few autographed baseball items. Some with COAs (Certificates of Authenticity) from the old Shinders chain. I think there were Rod Carew and Stan Musial bats, and a Stan Musial mini helmet. I didn't see a COA for the helmet, but didn't look too hard.

We also stopped by the Twins Pro Shop in Apple Valley. My sons like to look for game-used items, especially the bats. There was a game-used Denard Span bat, but it was $250! My younger son bought a Span bat there earlier this year that was used in spring training for only $75, then got it signed at Dick's Sporting Goods in Richfield. Seems like a bargain now, especially since Span played so well this season.

There were a few of those banners that hang outside the dome, with individual players on them. They had Johan Santana for $75, but it had a nasty rip in it. There was also a Boof Bonser for only $30, which my older son was considering, but Boof's future with the team seems uncertain, so he decided not to buy it now.

It's not often we hit those two stores and come up empty handed, as well as no returns in the mail, so it has been a disappointing day.

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