Friday, January 25, 2013

Off to TwinsFest!

As soon as my older son gets off the bus, we're heading to TwinsFest.  They are doing the wristband drawing for Mauer and Morneau so we'll try to get those.  We'd also like to get Willingham at least once this weekend, but he signs first each day and we're not really willing to wait out in the cold too long so that might not happen.

Otherwise, we'll try to get some Allen & Ginter and Topps Heritage cards signed by guys like Benson, Hendricks and Parmalee.  No plans to foe Hall of Famers like Carew, Molitor or Blyleven this year.  We have quite of few things signed by them already.

My younger son isn't going this year.  He's not a big fan of crowds, and isn't real excited about the current roster either.  That means my wife gets to stay home too.  Usually she goes and we split up, each taking a son to whatever lines they want to go to.

It should be quite a bit cheaper for me this year.  We'll see what the Pro Shop has for sale though!

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