Monday, January 28, 2013

My Son's Signed Cards From TwinsFest

I'm starting to scan in all of our autographs from TwinsFest.  I'm going to streamline the posting of the items here on my blog to speed things up.

Johnny tried to get as many 2012 Heritage cards signed as possible and did a pretty good job on the set.  You can click on the picture below to see a larger version of the cards.

He also got the team card signed by Gardy.

He also did a good job on the Mauer and Morneau cards form the 2011 Heritage set.

And also had the lucky find at the card show to go with these cards:

He also got several other cards.

Tomorrow I'll scan in some of the photos he got signed.

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unclemoe said...

Dang. That's some haul.